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Many car/vehicle owners choose to add aftermarket Window Tints to their vehicles, meaning adding additional tints to the vehicle from the showroom. They can do this for many reasons, for example an appropriate Window Tint shade can benefit drivers and keep the car cool during summer months, it also gives an additional level of privacy and protects potential thefts.

Many people are not aware that Window Tinting can get you in trouble with the law, especially if it is too dark and can mean hefty fines and problems with the authorities.

Window Tint Laws

Each country has its own laws in regards to Window Tinting, this can vary too regarding the shade and darkness, these laws are designed to keep you and other road users safe, as if the tint is too dark, it can drastically impact the visibility and can impact how safe your driving is.

When window tinting is too dark, it can pose some serious visibility issues, which are most prominent at night, or on gloomy, cloudy days. Not only will you have issues seeing outside your car with tinting being the obvious primary problem, but excess car window tint also causes your interior to become drastically darker. The dark interior can become an issue when it becomes a distraction, or lowers the lighting to a degree where the driver has difficulty seeing inside the vehicle itself.

Upon hearing these issues, they become obvious reasons for window tint regulations. But, there is another not-so-obvious reason many states have tinting laws in place. When tinted too darkly, it becomes impossible to see anything going on inside the car. While this may not sound like a big deal to you, it can be a very big deal to police officers making traffic stops. Unable to see into your car, officers are unable to detect whether you pose them a real threat.


Penalties for illegal car Window Tinting vary, based on the state and degree of tinting. Common penalties, however, include:


Points on your licence

Impoundment of your vehicle

If you regularly leave valuables in your vehicle, window tinting is a very good idea, especially if you often park your car in a public place where potential theirs can see inside. If the car is tinted, it makes it hard for thieves to see inside, therefore minimising the risk of having the car damaged and broken into.

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